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Hi! My name is Samuel Lee. I entered this world on September 21st, 2002. I was due on the 30th of September, but my Mom had to deliver me early. When I was born I weighed in at six pounds, one and a half ounces and I was nineteen inches long. The time I came into this world was neat, too. It was born at 4:24 AM. My brother, Nathan, was born on that date April 24th. 


I was told by my parents how I got my name. This is why I love my name! My Mom grew up with an older brother and a younger sister. My Mom was the middle child. Her brothers name is William Edwin. Her sisters name was Sandra Lea. Sounds like Sammy Lee, doesn't it? She passed away over twenty years ago from cancer. My Mom tells me all the time, "If your Aunt Sandy was still alive, I bet you'd have twenty cousins by now!". Sandy's birthday was September 22nd, 1963.


My Dad had a good friend in high school. His friends name was Sammy Laurence Deal. He had M. D. They would always eat lunch together in the nurses room. When they were done eating they would race in the hallways. Do you remember my due date? September 30th, right? Well Sammy passed away September 30th, 1994.